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Kittl is a user-friendly AI-powered graphic design tool that combines the intelligence of AI with the flexibility of design, offering a one-stop solution for both designers and non-professional users. Similar to the popular Canva, this platform not only features a vast array of exquisite templates covering various design needs such as logos, posters, greeting cards, T-shirts, stickers, book covers, social media content, but also provides AI-powered tools including vectorization tools, logo generators, product background generators, aiming to streamline the design process and enhance the fusion of efficiency and creativity.


The main features of Kittl

1.Text Art Fonts: Provide a rich set of text editing options, making it easy to add artistic effects to text, making it stand out in designs.

2.Product Prototype Creation: One-click generation of realistic product prototype images, showcasing the true effect of the design without any complex operations.

3.Rich Resource Gallery: Includes a large number of fonts, illustrations, backgrounds, templates, etc., some of which are available for free, injecting unlimited inspiration into designs.

4.Diverse Font Selection: Assemble a variety of high-end and stylish fonts to meet the needs of different design styles.

5.Illustration Library: Curate various beautiful images to enrich users' design works and enhance visual appeal.

6.AI Vector Generator: Easily convert images to vector format, creating high-quality, infinitely scalable graphics.

7.AI Image Generator: Create unique images and clip art based on text prompts, inspiring unlimited creativity.

8.AI Background Removal Tool: Simplify the image editing process by easily removing cluttered and unnecessary backgrounds.

9.AI Logo Generator: Design professional and personalized brand logos with just one click.

10.AI Product Background: Add AI-generated backgrounds to product images, eliminating the need for expensive photography services.


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