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FigJam AI

The AI whiteboard collaboration design tool launched by Figma

FigJam AI is the latest AI suite launched by the online design collaboration platform Figma for its whiteboard tool FigJam, evolving and upgrading from the previous Jambot plugin. It provides ready-to-use templates for common design and planning projects, helping designers or teams collaborate to inspire ideas and quickly brainstorm and visualize concepts.FigJam AI

The product features of FigJam AI

1.Instant template generation. Simply input simple prompts to generate templates for weekly team syncs, brainstorming sessions, and retrospectives, or use visual timelines and organizational charts for planning.

2.Built-in pre-built prompts. FigJam AI provides pre-built prompts for brainstorming, flowcharts, organizational charts, Gantt charts, weekly team syncs, and other ready-to-use use cases, inspiring team collaboration.

3.Categorization and organization of whiteboard notes. Quickly group the notes posted on the whiteboard, saving time on manual organization and allowing more time to be spent on exploring ideas.

4.Highlights and summary summaries. Click to summarize the content of online notes, clearly presenting key points and next steps, and supporting quick links to share summaries with others.

5.Introducing ChatGPT. With the powerful capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT, FigJam AI can brainstorm ideas, propose solutions, and even generate code directly from designs.

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