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Krea AI

AI Creative Design Platform, Real-Time AI Image Generation and Editing

Krea AI ( is an innovative AI creative and visual design platform, offering functionalities such as text-to-image/video, image upscaling, model training, and more. It helps users generate a variety of high-quality styles, concepts, and visual effects. The product has gained popularity recently due to its ability to generate AI images in real-time. Krea is a revolutionary artificial intelligence creative tool, seamlessly integrating artistic creation with cutting-edge technology, providing designers, artists, and creative professionals with an endless platform of possibilities.

Krea AI


Key Features

1.Real-time Image Generation: Simply input prompts and make simple strokes to generate images in real-time based on modifications.

2.Image Upscaling and Enhancement: Supports image upscaling and enhancement, allowing images to be upscaled to 4K resolution for improved quality.

3.AI Pattern Generation: Automatically embeds images into patterns or text, creating unique visual elements.

4.Logo Rendering: Transforms logos into images or creative graphics, allowing brand identities to be applied in any scenario.

5.AI Model Training: Allows users to train and customize AI image models according to their needs.

6.AI Video Generation: Utilizes AnimateDiff to quickly generate dynamic videos and short films.


Free Version: Allows for the free generation of 50 images per day, 10 videos per day, 3 AI training sessions after logging in, and non-commercial licenses.

Professional Version: $30 per month (20% off for annual subscription), enables real-time image generation, unlimited image and video generation, 5 AI model training sessions per month, commercial licenses, faster generation speed, and privacy mode.


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