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What is VoxCraft?

VoxCraft is a free AI-powered 3D asset generation tool developed by Shengshu Technology (the company behind PixWeaver), enabling rapid creation of 3D models through images or text descriptions, significantly enhancing the efficiency of 3D design and modeling. Users can simply describe their ideas in text or upload images for VoxCraft AI to parse and generate corresponding 3D assets. VoxCraft AI aims to streamline the 3D modeling process, allowing designers, artists, and developers to focus more on creativity and artistry while increasing workflow efficiency.

The main features of VoxCraft

1.Image to 3D Generation: VoxCraft supports the creation of 3D models from single images. VoxCraft can infer the 3D structure of objects from images and generate a textured 3D model, providing designers and artists with a quick way to convert 2D images into 3D assets.

2.Text to 3D Generation: Users can generate 3D models from 2D images using simple text prompts, even without any prior 3D design experience. By entering descriptive text, VoxCraft can understand these prompts and generate corresponding 3D models.

3.Text to Texture Generation: By providing descriptive text prompts and uploading a model, VoxCraft can generate textures for models in a short amount of time, offering users a quick way to create or modify 3D model textures.

4.Discord Integration: VoxCraft offers a range of bot services on the Discord platform. Users can interact with the VoxCraft bot in specific Discord channels to utilize features such as image to 3D, text to 3D, and text to texture.

5.Supported File Formats: VoxCraft supports .obj format 3D files, allowing generated models to seamlessly integrate with other popular 3D modeling tools like Blender, thus adapting smoothly to users' 3D workflows.


The target audience of VoxCraft

1.3D artists and designers: Professionals can utilize VoxCraft's automated 3D modeling functionality to expedite their creative process, saving time and boosting productivity. Whether creating intricate artworks or designing specific product models, VoxCraft provides robust support.

2.Game developers: Game designers and developers can use VoxCraft to quickly generate 3D models of characters, scenes, and objects for their games, aiding in rapid iteration and testing of new designs.

3.Animation and film professionals: In animation and film production, 3D models are key elements in constructing virtual worlds. VoxCraft can help animators and visual effects artists rapidly build high-quality 3D scenes and characters, thus enhancing production efficiency.

4.Architects: Architects can use VoxCraft to translate their 2D design blueprints into 3D models for more intuitive visualization and evaluation of their designs.

5.Product designers: Product designers can quickly translate their design ideas into 3D prototypes with VoxCraft, helping them evaluate and refine designs before production.

6.Hobbyists: VoxCraft provides an accessible platform for enthusiasts interested in 3D modeling but lacking a professional background. They can explore their creativity, realize personalized 3D designs, without the need for in-depth learning of complex 3D modeling software.

The product prices of VoxCraft

1.Free version: Provides 200 free credits per month for generating 3D models, with generated assets being public.

2.Pro version: $10 per month (annual plan $96), offering 1000 credits per month, with generated assets visible only to the user and owned by the individual.

3.Max version: $30 per month (annual plan $288), providing 4000 credits per month, with generated assets visible only to the user and owned by the individual, along with priority support response.


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