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Magic Design

The AI design tool launched by Canva, an online design platform.

Magic Design (Beta) is a free AI design tool launched by the popular online design tool Canva, which allows you to visualize your design concepts intelligently from its vast collection of beautiful templates. Simply upload your own media files or start from a blank canvas, input your design ideas, and Magic Design will magically customize your design and present it to you.

Magic Design is an AI-driven design generation tool that turns text and images into personalized and exquisite designs. You can input any media and convert it into customized templates that match your desired content and background. By selecting from 8 automatically generated templates, you can further edit and adjust sizes to effortlessly visualize and refine your ideas.

Built on Canva's millions of templates, images, fonts, and other graphic elements, Magic Design uses artificial intelligence to create designs that help turn your ideas into reality.

Magic Design


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