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What is Creatie?

Creatie is an AI-driven design tool specifically designed for creative professionals, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and creativity of UI/UX design processes through AI technology. Developed by a team led by the former Chief Strategy Officer of the product design collaboration platform, Lingo, Creatie deeply understands the workflows of designers and assists them throughout the entire design process, from wireframes to mockups, from mood boards to illustrations. Whether it's enhancing image quality, generating 3D icons, proposing design ideas, setting up design systems, or checking design consistency, Creatie aims to make the design process easier and more enjoyable.

Compared to design tools like Figma and Sketch, Creatie seamlessly integrates native AI design features to help designers enhance their creativity. Currently in its early stages, Creatie is available for all users to use completely free of charge.


The main features of Creatie

1.AI Image Enhancer: This feature allows users to resize images, change backgrounds, or convert regular images into high-definition or vector format images, thereby enhancing image quality.

2.Magicon - AI Icon Generator: Magicon is an innovative tool that automatically generates 3D icons in various styles based on user input text or wireframes, providing users with rich visual design elements.

3.Creatie Design Wizard: This AI-driven wizard assists designers in solving design problems by providing creative solutions. Through simple selection and description, AI can propose suitable design ideas and quickly generate corresponding components/elements.

4.Automatic Style Guide: Creatie analyzes elements in existing design files and quickly creates a design system containing fonts, colors, shadows, etc., helping designers establish and maintain consistent design styles.

5.AI Design Auditor: By using AI to inspect new design files, Creatie ensures they remain consistent with the team's style library. It can identify and correct any elements that do not meet the standards, ensuring design consistency.

6.Easy Team Collaboration: Creatie supports cross-platform online collaboration, allowing team members to easily access and edit project files from anywhere, ensuring project continuity and synchronization among team members.

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