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Fable Prism

AI-driven motion graphics design and animation tool

What is Fable Prism?

Fable Prism is an AI animation effects tool launched by the online motion design and collaboration platform Fable. It focuses on integrating motion design with generative AI to rapidly generate animated elements and various visual styles, enhancing and accelerating the realization of design concepts and animation production processes. The core idea of Prism is to empower designers with control over AI-generated content, allowing them to animate, generate, edit, and finalize work on a unified visual creative platform.

The main features of Fable Prism

1.Visual Control: Prism allows designers to interact with AI through an intuitive interface, enabling direct control over generated content. Designers can provide real-time guidance to AI to ensure that the creative output aligns with their design intent.

2.Animation and Generation: Designers can create animations and generate new visual elements in Prism, with AI integration making animation production and visual element generation more efficient and innovative.

3.Editing and Adjustment: Prism provides powerful editing tools that allow designers to fine-tune and optimize AI-generated content to ensure the quality and consistency of the final output.

4.Style Transformation: Through the "Lens" feature, designers can dynamically switch and apply different visual styles, moods, and design cues. These preset "Lens" options can be easily applied to works, helping designers explore various creative possibilities without losing control over their work.

5.All-in-One Creative Studio: Prism is not just a generation tool but also integrates other Fable features such as project management and collaboration tools, allowing the entire creative process from concept to final product to be completed on a single platform.

The target audience of Fable Prism

1.Motion Design: Prism's animation and generation capabilities help motion designers achieve complex dynamic visual effects quickly, while exploring more creative possibilities through real-time AI control.

2.Product Design: Prism assists product designers in rapidly iterating and testing different design concepts during the design process, utilizing AI generation capabilities to optimize the visual presentation and user experience of products.

3.Brand Design: Prism enables brand designers to easily experiment with different design styles and moods to ensure that the visual communication of the brand aligns with its positioning.

4.Video Editing: Prism's tools enhance visual effects in post-production for video editors, increasing editing efficiency with AI assistance and creating more engaging video content.

The prices of Fable Prism

Fable Prism's AI features are currently in the Beta testing phase, and all users can register for free to try them out. For access to Fable's full features, users can refer to the pricing plans on the official website:

Free Plan: Offers unlimited personal projects for free, unlimited viewers, support for comments, 30-day version history, creation of 30-second projects, export to 1080P/30FPS video, and export in .mp4/.mov/.gif/lottie formats.

Pro Plan: $15 per month (billed annually at $12 per month), includes 2 editors, unlimited team projects, unlimited version history, creation of 5-minute projects, export in 4K/60FPS, custom fonts, and other benefits.

Team Plan: $35 per month (billed annually at $28 per month), includes all Pro Plan features plus unlimited editors, multiple teams, team asset library/templates, priority support, and other benefits.

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