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Framer launched an AI website automatic design, generation, and deployment tool

Framer was originally an all-in-one web and mobile prototyping tool, later transformed into a no-code website design and publishing platform, helping users quickly launch high-quality website pages. Framer has recently introduced AI functionality, where users only need to input text descriptions (supports Chinese), and the platform automatically designs, formats, generates, and deploys websites. Currently, it offers unlimited generation for free. From testing the AI toolset, Framer AI appears to be among the most effective batch of AI-generated websites.

The main features of Framer AI

1.Input your website ideas, and within seconds, Framer AI can generate stunning web pages. The more detailed your descriptions, the better the output. Each section of the generated page has a unique combination of layout, copy, and style, allowing users to adjust according to their preferences.

2.Customize different themes and styles by mixing and matching font displays, text fonts, and color palettes, either creating a custom theme or selecting from Framer's built-in combinations.

3.With built-in AI copywriting capabilities, a simple mouse click allows Framer AI to enhance the copy of your website pages, making them more engaging.

Framer AI

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