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Unleash AI to convert text into playable games, animate characters, and craft assets with ease.

What is Rosebud?

Rosebud is an innovative platform that is transforming the game development landscape. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enable creators to build games at an unprecedented speed. The core functionalities of Rosebud lie in its ability to translate text descriptions into code, thus facilitating the creation of games that can be shared and played instantly. It's designed for game developers, creative storytellers, and anyone interested in the intersection of AI and gaming, simplifying the complex process of game creation.


Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Game Development: Utilizes advanced AI to convert text prompts into actionable game code.
  • PixelVibe: Craft game assets rapidly with an AI-powered asset collaborator.
  • TokkingHeads: Bring portraits and avatars to life with AI-driven animation using video, text, or audio.
  • Manyworlds AI Skyboxes: Access AI-generated skyboxes for environmental design.


  • Speed of Development: Dramatically reduces the time from concept to playable game.
  • Ease of Asset Creation: Simplifies the creation of characters, props, clothes, and environments.
  • Animation Made Simple: Offers intuitive tools for animating characters without complex software.
  • Community-Driven Content: Discover and play games developed by the Rosebud AI community.


  • Beta Phase Limitations: Some features may still be in development, affecting stability.
  • Learning Curve: New users may need time to adapt to the AI-centric approach to game development.
  • Resource Intensity: High-quality asset generation and game creation might require robust hardware.

Who is Using Rosebud?

  • Indie Game Developers: Utilizing the platform to expedite game development cycles.
  • Creative Writers: Transforming narratives into interactive gaming experiences.
  • Educators: Integrating Rosebud into curriculum to teach game design and AI technology.
  • Artists: Exploring new frontiers in digital art through interactive game environments.
  • Uncommon Use Cases: Hobbyists creating personalized games for private events; Streamers generating unique content for their channels.


  • Free Tier: Start exploring Rosebud with access to basic features.
  • Pro App: Advanced features available through the Pro app.

What Makes Rosebud Unique?

Rosebud stands out with its text-to-game functionality, a game-changer for rapid game prototyping. Its ability to streamline the creation of both code and assets sets it apart in the game development industry.

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