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DeepAI is an AI platform that offers a suite of generative AI tools and services

DeepAI is an AI platform that offers a suite of generative AI tools and services.

Key Features

  • AI Chat: An advanced conversational AI that can understand and respond to a wide range of prompts with knowledge and reasoning. It offers special modes like "Genius Mode" for more detailed and artistic responses.
  • AI Image Generator: Allows users to create images from text descriptions using generative AI models.
  • AI Video Generator: Transforms images and text prompts into videos, useful for educational content, storytelling, and more.
  • AI Image Editor: Enables editing and enhancing existing images using AI capabilities.
  • AI Characters: A library of over 100 different AI characters to chat with and interact.

Pricing and Membership(non-real-time)

DeepAI offers two main pricing models:

DeepAI Pro Membership ($19.99/month):

  • Includes 30 video generations per month
  • Unlimited access to all AI tools and features
  • Additional usage charged at $5 per 30 video generations, $0.10 per image, etc.


  • $5 per 30 video generations
  • $0.10 per image generation
  • Pricing varies for other tools and services

The DeepAI Pro Membership provides full access to their suite of AI tools at a flat monthly rate, with included usage limits and overage charges for exceeding those limits. The pay-as-you-go model allows users to pay for individual usage of specific tools and services.


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