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A free AI music creation tool that can generate 1200 songs per month.

What is Udio

Udio is an artificial intelligence music generator founded by former Google DeepMind researchers, aiming to enable anyone to easily create emotionally resonant music. This AI music generation tool can swiftly generate complete tracks with vocals based on user-input text prompts, including music style, theme, lyrics, and more. Udio not only supports multiple music styles and genres but also captures and expresses emotions within the music, creating both lifelike and creative musical compositions.


Udio's design philosophy is to serve as a "super instrument," amplifying human creativity. It's suitable for both musicians and hobbyists, providing a platform where users can experience the "magic moment" of creating music from scratch through simple text inputs. Similar to Suno, Udio has the ability to create complete tracks from text prompts, but with better and more natural sound.

The Key Features

  • Text-to-music conversion: Users can guide Udio to generate music in the desired style by inputting text prompts such as music genre, theme, emotional descriptions, or custom lyrics. This feature allows users without a music background to create professional-grade tracks.
  • Diverse music styles: Udio supports a wide range of music styles and genres, from classical and jazz to pop, hip-hop, electronic, and more. Users can choose different music styles according to their preferences for composition.
  • Vocal synthesis: In addition to instrumental music, Udio can also generate tracks with vocals. These synthesized vocals can mimic the singing style and emotional expression of real singers, providing users with a complete music experience.
  • Music editing and expansion: Generated music clips can be modified and extended using Udio's editing features. Users can add intros, transitions, and outros, or iterate on existing tracks using the "remix" function.

The price of Udio

Udio is currently in free beta testing, available to all users for free, with a monthly limit of up to 1200 songs! Despite being in its early stages, Udio has garnered recognition and support from prominent figures in the music industry, including well-known artists like and Common.

The Use Case

  • Music enthusiasts: For individuals interested in music but may lack professional music production skills, Udio provides a user-friendly platform to easily create personalized music compositions.
  • Professional music producers: Udio can serve as a supplementary tool for professional music producers, assisting them in quickly experimenting with different melodies and styles during the creative process, thereby improving work efficiency.
  • Independent artists: Independent musicians and songwriters can use Udio to swiftly generate music drafts or accompaniments, serving as a source of creative inspiration or for background music in social media content.
  • Content creators: Such as video producers, podcast hosts, game developers, etc., who require music to enrich their works, Udio can help them quickly find or generate suitable background music.
  • Educators and students: In schools or personal projects, Udio can serve as an educational tool to help students learn music theory and composition skills while stimulating their creativity and musical interests.
  • Advertising and media industries: Advertising producers and media professionals can use Udio to create custom music tailored to specific advertising or media project requirements, saving costs and enhancing creative flexibility.


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