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Unleash AI-powered singing, rapping, and custom voice creation.

What is Uberduck?

Uberduck is an innovative AI tool that delves into the creative realm of digital audio, particularly focusing on synthesizing vocals for music and other audio projects. It offers a diverse range of features tailored to musicians, producers, and developers, aiming to streamline the process of integrating AI-generated vocals into various projects.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Vocals: Users can produce synthetic singing and rapping vocals adaptable to various musical styles.
  • Beat and Lyric Generation: Provides a selection of beats and assists in lyric generation, facilitating the creation of complete songs.
  • Custom Voice Cloning: Enables the creation of custom voices for unique projects, enhancing audio content personalization.
  • API Access: Developers can utilize Uberduck's API for advanced text-to-speech, singing, and rapping integrations within their applications.
  • Prompt Management: Simplifies prompt creation without coding, streamlining development processes.


  • Creative Flexibility: Offers a plethora of possibilities for musicians, creative agencies, and developers to experiment with AI vocals.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for simplicity, ensuring an intuitive user experience.
  • High Engagement Potential: AI-generated content can drive engagement, especially when personalized for individual users or audiences.
  • Community Engagement: Fosters a community of creators through challenges and competitions like the Grimes AI Challenge.


  • Quality Variance: Synthetic vocal quality may vary, requiring fine-tuning for professional use.
  • Specialized Use Case: Highly specialized nature may limit appeal to a broader audience.
  • Resource Intensity: High-quality audio generation could be resource-intensive, impacting performance for some users.

Who Uses Uberduck?

  • Music Producers: Crafting unique songs with AI-generated vocals.
  • Creative Agencies: Developing engaging audio content for campaigns and branding.
  • Independent Artists: Experimenting with new forms of musical expression.
  • Software Developers: Integrating AI vocals into apps and services for enhanced user interaction.
  • Uncommon Use Cases: Educational institutions for teaching audio engineering, podcasters for experimenting with character voices.


  • Free Trial: Users can explore basic features with a free trial.
  • Subscription Plans: Various subscription options cater to different usage levels and functionality.

What Makes Uberduck Unique?

Uberduck's advanced voice cloning technology sets it apart, offering singing and rapping capabilities beyond typical text-to-speech applications.


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