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An AI creation platform developed by is emerging as a new favorite in the design industry. This article will delve into the background, features, target audience, and how to effectively utilize the Pixeling tool. Pixeling is based on an internationally leading and independently controllable Generative Multimodal AI (AIGC) model, specifically designed for designers. Users only need to input simple descriptions in Chinese or English, and the HiDream visual model generates images and videos. This platform not only stimulates users' creativity but also greatly enhances the efficiency of design work.

Main Features and Product Highlights

1.Image Generation: Users can input descriptions or upload reference images to generate images matching the descriptions.

2.Video Generation: Supports the creation of video content ranging from simple animations to complex narratives.

3.Image Editing: Includes smart redraw, smart enlargement, and image enhancement, offering detail adjustments and visual optimization.

4.Community Interaction: Provides an open platform where users can share their creations, get inspiration, and interact with other creators.

Who needs this product?

Designers, creative professionals, marketing teams, and others who need to quickly generate visual content.

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