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Stable Video

The AI video generation tool launched by Stability AI.

What is Stable Video?

Stable Video is the latest artificial intelligence video generation tool launched by Stability AI, based on the underlying diffusion model Stable Video Diffusion. It enables the rapid creation of high-quality video content directly online. This tool allows users to generate coherent and realistic video sequences from text descriptions or static images, achieving the conversion from text to video and from images to video.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Video Generation: Stable Video can transform users' textual ideas into vivid video scenes. Whether it's narrative stories, conceptual demonstrations, or emotional expressions, all can be visually presented through this feature, greatly enriching the boundaries of content creation.
  • Dynamicization of Static Images: The model has the ability to convert static images into dynamic videos. Users can upload a single image, and the model will generate coherent video sequences based on the image content, injecting vitality into static art and opening up endless imaginative space.
  • Flexible Adjustment of Visual Parameters: Stable Video offers highly flexible visual parameter adjustment features. Users can precisely control the camera motion of the video, including locking focus, simulating shaking effects, implementing zooming and panning, as well as adjusting tilting and vertical movement, thus creating video works with more dynamic and professional aesthetics.
  • Adaptation to Multiple Aspect Ratios: To meet the needs of different platforms and display scenarios, Stable Video supports various video aspect ratios, including 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1, ensuring that video content can be perfectly presented on various devices and media platforms, whether it's on widescreen TVs, mobile devices, or social media.
  • Diverse Styles: Stable Video can generate not only realistic-style videos but also supports various artistic styles, such as 3D effects, cinematic textures, animation styles, cartoon styles, fantasy elements, neon punk styles, photographic art, texture effects, origami art, and more, providing users with a rich means of visual expression, sparking creative inspiration, and achieving personalized video creation.


  • Free Version: After registration, users can receive 150 free points daily, which can generate approximately 15 videos (Image-to-Video consumes 10 points each time, Text-to-Video consumes 11 points each time).
  • Paid Version: For $10, 500 points can generate approximately 50 videos; for $50, 3000 points can generate approximately 300 videos.

Who is Using Stable Video?

  • Film and Game Producers: Stable Video seamlessly blends real-world scenes with virtual objects, providing lifelike visual effects for film and game production. It can be used to create complex scenes, characters, and effects, reducing production costs and increasing creative efficiency.
  • Advertising Designers: The advertising industry can leverage Stable Video to generate unique video content, attracting audience attention through innovative visual presentations and enhancing the attractiveness and dissemination effect of advertisements.
  • Social Media and Content Creation: Content creators can use Stable Video to quickly generate video content, whether for personal social media accounts or short video production. Stable Video provides rich creative materials and rapid content production capabilities.
  • Artists and Designers: Artists and designers can use Stable Video to explore new artistic forms, create unique visual art pieces, or add dynamic elements to existing art pieces.


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