Are you feeling stuck with your English?
Having trouble finding native speakers to practice with? Start your English learning journey with TalkBerry now! Start for free!

About TalkBerry

TalkBerry is an AI-powered English learning app designed to enhance your speaking skills and boost your confidence. Engage in interactive conversations, receive personalized feedback, and practice at your own pace with an app that understands your unique learning needs.

Key Features

  • Interactive and Immersive English Courses: Engage in interactive courses featuring real-life scenarios and voice-based conversations with TalkBerry.
  • Improve Your Pronunciation and Grammar: TalkBerry identifies flaws in your pronunciation and grammar, providing instant feedback to perfect your spoken English.
  •  Learn English Without Pressure: Enjoy a stress-free experience with TalkBerry. Speak at your own pace, make mistakes, and embrace learning in a relaxed, anxiety-free environment.
  • Explore Any Topic With Your AI Tutor, Anytime, Anywhere: Take your language learning journey anywhere and anytime with TalkBerry.

Why TalkBerry

TalkBerry goes beyond being a simple AI language tutor – it's a revolution in language education. It offers an easy and enjoyable way to start, with a wide array of scenarios and topics and a design that keeps you coming back for more. Spend just 10 minutes a day to become confident and fluent.

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