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Sider is a ChatGPT-based smart sidebar plugin

Sider is a ChatGPT-based smart sidebar plugin

Key Features

  • Chat: Users can chat with Sider on any topic, even show pictures or documents, and Sider will give clear answers or suggestions.
  • Reading and writing: Sider helps users navigate the web, selected texts, and emails faster, with smart reply capabilities.
  • Translation and Interpretation: Sider can translate texts, explain concepts, summarize articles, etc.
  • Content generation: Sider supports generating ad scripts, creating stories, rewriting sentences, and more.
  • Video Summary: By grabbing video subtitles, Sider can summarize and segment the video, which is convenient for quickly previewing the video content.
  • Image Processing: Sider provides image editing tools that can remove backgrounds, text, enhance image resolution, replace backgrounds, and more.

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