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a free AI creative visual generation platform launched by is a free AI creative visual generation platform launched by

Key Functions

  • Text to Video: Users can enter descriptive text and will generate video content based on that text. This technology greatly enriches the dimension of video creation, allowing users to turn text descriptions into dynamic videos.
  • Image Generated Video: Once a user uploads an image, generates a video based on the image content. This enables static images to be transformed into dynamic videos as well.
  • Text to Image: Based on the description entered by the user, creates a corresponding image. This feature helps users convert text descriptions into visual images.
  • Image to Video: Converts a static image into a moving video, further expanding the use of images.
  • Video Enhancement: can enhance video quality up to 4K HD, which is useful for users who need high quality video output.
  • Other Image Processing Tools: also offers a wide range of image processing tools such as image redraw, image enhancement, magic eraser, magic extension, and more to help users increase their creativity and productivity.

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