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What is CodiumAI?

CodiumAI is an AI code testing and analysis tool that intelligently analyzes developer-written code, documentation strings, and comments, and interacts with a human chat to generate test suggestions and hints while programming. With its comprehensive suite of tests, it helps developers find bugs or errors before the software is released, ensuring its reliability and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Intelligent creation of comprehensive test suites, including automatic generation of unit tests, intelligent analysis of code, code change suggestions, find code errors, automatic addition of documentation strings, etc.
  • AI Programming Conversation Assistant, with built-in CodiumAI chat, allows you to improve the code you write through conversational chat commands.
  • Support for all programming languages, CodiumAI supports almost all programming languages, however, some advanced features (e.g. unit test running and fixing) are only supported in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript and Java.
  • Compatible with major editors and IDEs, CodiumAI currently supports VS Code and JetBrains' IntelliJ, WebStore, CLion, PyCharm and other IDEs.


  • For individual developers, CodiumAI costs nothing and is free to use forever!
  • For multi-user teams, CodiumAI costs $19 per user per month for a subscription.


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