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3x more accurate machine translation with Advanced AI technology.

What is DeepL Translate?

DeepL Translate is an AI-based translation tool offering accurate translations for individuals and teams.


Key features:

  • Multilingual support: Translates text in 31 languages and full document files such as PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoints
  • Rapid and reliable: Quickly recognizes languages and provides accurate translations
  • Built-in glossary and dictionary: Assists users in looking up words
  • Cross-platform availability: Accessible on mobile, desktop, and as a Chrome extension

Use cases :

  • Multilingual professionals requiring accurate translations in their work
  • Students and researchers studying or working with foreign language materials
  • Travelers seeking on-the-go translation assistance

DeepL Translate is a popular and reliable solution for users needing efficient and accurate translations across multiple platforms.

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