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Notion AI

The AI content creation assistant launched by Notion.

What is Notion AI?

Notion AI is an AI writing assistant launched by the renowned collaboration document platform Notion. It aids users in writing, brainstorming, editing, summarizing documents, and more. You can consider Notion AI as your writing partner, helping you save time or use time more wisely, allowing you to focus more on content creation and creative expression.

Notion AI

Key Features

  • Handling Initial Drafts: The first word is often the hardest to write. Notion AI can assist you in dealing with initial drafts on a particular topic and provide you with some ideas to start your creation process.
  • Inspiring Ideas and Creativity: With the help of AI, quickly generate lists of ideas about anything, which can help users be more creative, using these ideas as a starting point (or some that you might not have even thought of).
  • As Your Editing Check: Whether it's spelling, grammar, or translation, Notion AI will catch errors or translate the entire article to help ensure accuracy and actionable writing.
  • Summarizing Meetings or Documents: For a lengthy meeting or document, Notion AI can quickly summarize key points, sparing users from sifting through a jumble of meeting notes, allowing Notion AI to automatically extract the most important points and action items.

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